Mobile Game Development Services

Quaato Technologies is a team of aspired mobile game developers and designers. Why work with us? The answer is simple–to ensure a customized approach in mobile game programming and design. Our game app development company offers high-quality software and creative art solutions for all popular mobile game genres.

Mobile Game Development

We at Quaato Technologies can create any character, background, or object you need to make your mobile game stand out from others. We develop software for single or multiple platforms. Our team will integrate the latest trends to help your mobile game reach the top ranking.

Game Development Services We Offer

Android Game Development

We design, code, and support games for the Android platform. With our tailored solutions, your game product cannot but reach coveted audiences.

iOS Game Development

Our mobile game studio applies only up-to-date technology to create games on the iOS platform that exceed the wildest expectations.

Cross-Platform Game Development

As a proficient mobile game development company, we create top-quality software compatible with several mobile operating systems.

Features of Our Mobile Game Programming

Extensive Expertise

Extensive Expertise

The team of our game development agency applies time-tested approaches and efficient technical know-how to produce competitive software.

Thrilling Design

Thrilling Design

Eye-catching images are as important as software, so our mobile game makers know how to strike the players’ hearts.

Feasible Solutions

Feasible Solutions

A game app developer or even the entire team is always here to lend you a hand with any technical issue 24/7.

Client-oriented Approach

Client-oriented Approach

We do our best to provide only qualitative service and build long-lasting cooperation with our clients

Reasonable Pricing

Reasonable Pricing

We offer affordable game app development costs.

On-time Delivery

On-time Delivery

We respect our deadlines and complete each stage of mobile game development on schedule.

Adventure Games

For adventure games, we have a unique approach. So we create not only an exquisite environment, characters, and assets but also ad hoc gameplay. We provide exclusive maps, tokens, power upgrades, costumes in the marketplace.

Way We Work

Creating a Roadmap

All mobile game development services provided, we begin with planning and task setting. We make a rough estimate and come up with conceptual solutions to reach our goal.

Laying Down Criteria

We discuss all sensitive issues beforehand to eliminate possible hurdles so that specialists entailed in phone game development have an intricate understanding of their steps.

Creating Visuals

Customized, capturing design is one of the pillars of mobile game application development. We pay much attention to the entire process – from sketches to the concept.


We opt for the best software solutions for mobile game application development.

Double Checking

Our mobile game developers run alpha and beta testing to ensure software goes off without a titch.

Releasing App

Our mobile game development company keeps supporting you. We help you to make the app available on Google Play and App Store platforms.

Promoting Mobile Game

We handle all marketing channels and track mobile game success there.

Why Hire Quaato Technologies

With a relevant background in the game development industry, we combine proven methods with innovative tactics to create tailored gaming solutions.

We use required engines and develop software to meet your needs.

We follow trends in the mobile game industry, so we’ll help you hit the big audience.

You get informed about our mobile game development cost as soon as we start working. No hidden payment is applied ahead.

Our Results

Our Unity game developers have 5+ years of experience in creating stunning games from scratch. Numbers speak for us.

150+ IDEAS - Turned into mobile games.
50+ APPS - Successfully produced.
40+ GAMES - Hit the market.
30+ GAMES - With advanced software solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our in-house or freelance mobile game developer uses only time-tested languages. Depending on the operating systems, we can code your game with Objective-C, Swift, Kotlin, or Java.

Puzzle games remain all the rage in 2021, and their number only grows. Yet, Bridge Constructor Portal, All That Remains, Life is Strange, Faraway 3: Arctic Escape, and Prune top the best puzzle games for Android.

Mobile game makers choose either a client-server model or a peer-to-peer model to create a real-time multiplayer mobile game. The former model is more popular than the latter. The client-server model means that players don’t communicate with each other but send information to the service. Meanwhile, the peer-to-peer model lies entirely under the players’ control.

When developing puzzle games, designers and developers try to make them captivating. Since they already know solutions, their core challenge is to put in players’ shoes, aka make the game engaging and hard enough for large audiences.