About Us


Eugine Jarvis most famously said, "The only legitimate use of a computer is to play games." We at QUAATO hold this sentiment in the highest regard and bring to you a gaming paradise that will let you own your very own game.

Quaato is not another gaming site. It is more than that Quaato offers you a varied selection of 2D and 3D games to choose from, which gamers such  as yourself can get developed via the QUAATO  platform and own.


QUAATO has been founded by Ms Sherin Semar, who herself is an avid gamer and has been into virtual gaming for a long time.

Her interest in game development sparked when she felt the need for level and feature enhancement in games that she herself has been playing from quite some time.

Sherin realised that in order to take charge of a game that one loves, it is important that they have total control over it and what better way to have that when the Game is Yours! QUAATO is the virtual embodiment of this thought and a solution for gamers, who wish to own their own game.