Values We Deliver

Full Transparency

We are open, and we never tend to hide things; thus, we invite our customers to our slack and time-tracking tools, so they can see real data and discussions at any time they want to.

Highest Quality Possible

We think that each game deserves not to have bugs at all, and our QA engineers do not let any, even tiny bug, show up in production.

Easy Access to Project Progress

We believe that the only way to build a reliable relationship is to show clients real-time progress charts, invite them to task-tracking systems and allow seeing real tasks statuses.

Fixed Price Projects

We guarantee that fixed-price projects would not fail if they had a sufficiently clear and agreed-upon definition of the project’s work scope. The time spent upfront at project initiation would pay dividends as the project is in progress.

Flawless and Fast Communication

We always provide quick, regular follow-ups and updates to customers to keep them informed and don’t let them wait for long replies.